Good morning!

Good morning friends!  If you are in my social/media world you know by now that on Monday during a CrossFit workout my knee buckled on me and I am currently hobbling around with a knee brace and cr…

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Good morning!

Good morning friends!  If you are in my social/media world you know by now that on Monday during a CrossFit workout my knee buckled on me and I am currently hobbling around with a knee brace and crutches .



Actually the crutches have  been a bit of fun.  I’ve been tooling around the house on them just for the heck of it because it gives me something to do and is the only exercise I can do for awhile.

I also wanted to update you on how I’m doing with my sugar detox.  I bought a calendar at Barnes and Nobles and hung it up in my kitchen.  There are four “rules” I wrote on an index card above the calendar.  In order to receive a red “X” on the calendar I must adhere to the four rules.  They are:  1400 calories per day, absolutely NO sugar in the form of sweets – read candy, cookies, ice cream etc.  Sugar from fruits is allowed.  No eating after dinner and no alcohol during the week.  I get a Saturday only cheat with one glass.  So far I’ve done pretty good.  img_6657

My biggest hurdle is that eating after dinner part.  Around 9:00 pm I get the munchies.  Also, yesterday while sitting with my leg propped up I got the urge to make a huge bowl of popcorn with butter.  Popcorn is my go-to comfort binge food.  Besides the part where I’m not supposed to have grains,  I was sure the stick of butter I like to add to it would put the 1400 calorie limit severely to the test.  And people want to feed me.  As soon as it got out that I was laid up,  I got offers of food.  Really good food.  Ice cream type food.  My food love language as it were.  My trick of keeping super busy in order to distract myself with food has been challenged too.

So there you have it folks.  I asked the doctor if I could continue working out as I healed and he looked at me like I had two heads.  He finally relented and said I could do upper body exercises IF I wore my knee brace so it would keep my leg   immobile.  I have made a commitment to lay low through the weekend.  I figure it can’t hurt and it might help.  I’ve been doing CrossFit for seven years and have never had an injury.  That it happened during double unders is an affront to my dignity.  I wasn’t even doing anything particularly difficult or taxing.  Dear Husband did remind me last night how fortunate I was that it was “only” double unders as I could have gotten really hurt if the knee had given out during a lift.  I had just finished doing 5 round max back squats at 130# so I conceded that he did have a point.

So have a great day friends and I’ll keep you posted!







Happy New Year 2017

Good afternoon !  Long time no see friends.  The last time I posted a blog was August 31, 2015.  I’m not completely sure why I stopped blogging; I think it had something to do with me feeling as though I had nothing to say.  I know I have friends and family who find that very difficult to believe.  Lately, I’ve been writing posts in my head so I thought  I might just go ahead and resurrect the blog.  I am struggling with updating my information so please bear with me.  Wordpress has changed a bit, I’ve aged a bit and the combination is deadly.

My dear husband is a New Year’s Resolution Junkie.  I, however, have never felt a compulsion to make or keep new year’s resolutions.  This does not stop dear husband from taking me out to dinner every new year’s eve, looking me in the eye and asking straight out what my new resolutions will be.  He even begins to prep me during the month of December that January is coming and I will be expected to have that  conversation over dinner and wine on the last day of December.  Having done CrossFit for seven years, I keep thinking I have this exercise thing down.  For the first time in years (read before CrossFit) seasons change and I easily slip into the next season’s clothing.  Before CrossFit, I would inevitably need to lose some weight to get into those summer shorts after a winter of indulging in comfort foods.  So my handy go to of losing ten pounds for the new year doesn’t usually fly anymore.  Over the past several years, I have made some gains in the gym.  I can now do unassisted pull-ups, toes to bar, hand stand push ups and double unders.  All movements that have  shown up more than once on my  new year’s resolution list.  I’ve competed in the CrossFit Open and qualified for and competed in the Master’s CrossFit Regionals in the Women’s age group 60 and above for the past three years. A goal that had also shown up on the list.  I have wanted to put going to the CrossFit games as a goal; however, as I’ve told the kids at the gym my ranking the last three years has put me firmly in the top 80 category every year  and the pool of badass sixty year old plus women just keeps getting bigger.  At age 63, I cringe knowing the new 59’s are moving up into my age category.  So here we are again.  It’s now 2017.  Dear husband will not be denied.

I am 63 years old.    I want to be in good shape.  I want to look decent in my clothes.  I want to be healthy.  But there is a part of me that is getting tired of all the struggling and striving.  I’m tired of logging my food.  I’m tired of watching what I eat.  I’m tired of working out especially on days when we have burpees and I’m slamming my body and face into the floor. But I also know deep down inside that if I stopped I would not be happy either.  And with all I do, I still struggle with high blood pressure and high cholesterol .  So I’m wracking my brain to come up with a resolution list for dear husband.   I had allowed myself to eat absolutely anything I wanted during the holidays and the pants were getting a tad tight.  So last week I went back to my normal way of eating – read macros and paleo.  On the second day I could barely function.  I was nauseous and had a headache.  And it hit me.  I was having sugar and bad carb withdrawal!  I have come to the realization that I am a sugarholic.  I was sitting here on the evening of day two craving sugar.  I would have killed for a hershey kiss.  It took four days to feel somewhat human again.  And then, of course, new year’s eve dinner came with all of its various goodies….

So I’m sitting here committed to making 2017 the year I slay the sugar dragon in my life.   I know what I have to do. I’ve been doing it for  most of my life;  trying to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was younger I could abuse my body and it miraculously survived pretty much intact.   That is not the case anymore.  I don’t really want to do this.  I am actually dreading the process.  I love sugar so very much.  And food.  And good wine.  I am fortunate to have friends from all ages. Another benefit of CrossFit.  These kids know so much more today than I ever did  about  how to take good care of themselves.  But us old timers (masters if you will)  unfortunately most are not living a lifestyle full of  vim and vigor after a certain age.  Because we get tired.  We don’t want to do it anymore.  We feel like we finally deserve to let go and live a little. I get it I really do.  “I hear you”  as a dear friend of mine says.



But I’ve decided to dig in and recommit myself to healthy eating.  I am choosing to slay the sugar dragon.  I am choosing to continue this journey  by pursuing the healthiest possible version of myself. I’m inviting you to come along with me.  I’ll keep you posted.





In Memory of Scott DeCoste

This past Saturday the Hampton Roads CrossFit community came together at CrossFit Krypton to raise money for a beloved member of the Krypton box who had been recently diagnosed with stage four esophagal cancer. This morning our dear friend lost his battle with cancer.

Since Scott was diagnosed with cancer, I have watched with absolute amazement as the box rallied around a fellow member. Almost immediately a meals list was established. A box was set up in the main room to collect kindergarten supplies for his granddaughter who lives with Scott and his wife, Lisa. Members who  worked out with Scott became regular visitors to the hospital and his home. And when it was discovered that the DeCoste family could use some help with finances, the Scott DeCoste charity WOD was held on Saturday. It was a huge success and, once again, I was stunned at the outpouring of support from the CrossFit community. I met people who had never met Scott who came out to support him because he was a fellow CrossFitter who was struggling and in need.

I am asked regularly why I love CrossFit. I have been doing CrossFit for over five years. I have never been a member of any other gym for that length of time.
What keeps me going back is the sense of community. The workouts are tough. But no matter how hard or difficult, no matter if you happen to be the last man standing on the floor your fellow members are standing around you cheering you on to the end. You are not left alone.

Scott was not left alone. In true CrossFit fashion, he was encouraged, cheered and supported until the end of his workout. Scott walked out the last several months of his life with incredible strength and dignity. He showed us how it’s supposed to be done. Our hearts are heavy today. Scott will be missed dearly.

We mourn with his wife Lisa and the rest of his family.  Rest in peace Scott.
You were Krypton Strong until the end.


Phew! Ben Smith Fever!

Okay. I’m sorry. I just realized that it has been quite awhile since I wrote a post. However,in my defense, we have been experiencing some serious Ben Smith fever in our neck of the woods lately. For those not aware, Ben Smith is the owner of my box. Yes. Ben Smith. That Ben Smith. Fittest Man in the World Ben Smith. For weeks prior to the CrossFit Games Ben Smith signs began to creep up all over town.


Like this .....
Like this …..


And this ....
And this ….


And this ....
And this ….


One never knew when a Ben sign would show up.


And this ....
And this ..


Not having a yard was no excuse not to share a Ben Smith sign.  And so it began.  Ben Smith fever.  Now we at the box knew Ben was gonna win this thing.  It was his seventh time to the Games.  Ben is no stranger to the podium having stood on it twice in the past six years.  However, this was his year.  This was the year he was bringing home first place.  He told us that.  And Ben does what he says he’s going to do.





And this became the Krypton battle cry to the Games.  It was all quite exciting.  We’ve watched Ben go to the Games before.  But this year we just KNEW it was his year.  Except everyone else thought it was Matt Fraser’s year.  Matt came in second to Rich Froning in the 2014 Games.  Matt was the media darling and folks made the  decision to underestimate Mr. Smith.  Ben Smith has an iron will running in his blood.  He works hard. And he never, ever, ever gives up. Ever.





Ben was tenacious!  He never once lost his focus.  And now he has been crowned the Fittest Man in the World!!!

We are so proud and so excited for our wonderful coach and friend.  But the best thing now is he’s home. Back in Chesapeake  with his family and friends.




Welcomed home by the ones who love him the most.  Thanks Ben for showing the rest of the world what you’ve worked so hard to teach us – work hard, never give up, always walk with integrity and honesty, never, ever complain and have fun.

We’re glad you’re home coach. And Congratulations on a great win!


IMG_3500 2




Badass Body Diet Update

Ok. So today is the third day of the Badass Body Diet. Yesterday was not a very good day. By dinner time I had missed two meals and two snacks. It was a busy day and I overslept which put me behind right from the beginning of my day. I did get my recovery shake in but I lived off that til dinner time. I don’t recommend this approach to the diet and Christmas doesn’t either. She wants you to eat your first meal within 45 minutes of waking up and so far I’ve missed this meal three days in a row. I am currently sitting at ballet class, it is 11:00, and I haven’t had anything but coffee. I did bring apple slices and peanut butter with me but haven’t taken the time to eat it yet. I am hoping to get my “hard” copy of the Badass Body Diet book today. I think that will help me to identify foods I need to eat at each meal quicker than is possible on my Kindle. I am grateful that Christmas is a low maintenance gal and there is not a lot of cooking involved in the diet. I grilled chicken last night, weighed and measured my portion, and planned on eating the leftovers today. However, the hubby came home, eyed that chicken and ate more than his share – read he ate all the remainder of the chicken.
I finally weighed myself this morning to get an idea of my starting weight. I will tell you my age but I will never ever tell you my weight. I am sure I’ve already lost 10 pounds ….. but who knows since I was afraid to weigh myself after eating a pint of ice cream Sunday before I started the diet on Monday. I really wanted a glass of wine last night but, with the help of my daughter talking me down, was able to resist. I shared with her my idea of having a “cheat” on Saturday or Sunday and restarting the diet on Monday as Christmas says that if you cheat you have to restart the 21 days. My daughter said this was not what Christmas meant and you are supposed to go the entire 21 days without a cheat. There are days I regret raising such a moral child and this is one of those times.


Additional Updates:  Soooo. I did pretty good until day five which was Friday.  And I did good on Friday until the evening whereupon I had wine, cashews and oreos for dinner.

My daughter reminded me that oreos are vegan but I had ten of them so I was pretty sure by this time that I would have to be starting over the diet per Christmas’ 21 day rules.  Saturday I had three orange crushes with crab legs down at the beach but was feeling pretty virtuous about not eating any ice cream that day as is my habit.  Sunday was Father’s Day and I ate so much on Saturday that by Sunday I had given myself an upset stomach and did not feel like eating much all day.  Until Sunday night when I found some leftover Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer and I’m thinking “what the heck I gotta start over tomorrow anyway,”  As you can clearly see, I struggle with this diet stuff.  However, while at the beach drinking my orange crushes and eating my crab legs this absolutely ripped, gorgeous woman walked into the restaurant.  Usually when I see these types they are young women but this dear lady was …. older.  Early fifties I eventually found out.  I kept looking at her and telling my hubby that’s the muscle definition I wanted when finally dear hubby told me to just go over and talk to her.  Turns out she’s a personal trainer, tried crossfit but it wasn’t a fit for her.  So I asked her for her deepest darkest secret about getting those ripped muscles.  And …… she eats clean.  All the time.  As we were talking her husband ordered her a salad with chicken on it and water.  Geesh.  Okay Christmas.  Here We Go Again.   Day One.


Oh Christmas I'm sorry I doubted you.
Oh Christmas I’m sorry I doubted you.





Here We Go Again!

I do not like to diet. But if you have read my blog for any time now you know that I am always looking for the perfect diet plan. Until I was in my forties I did not have to diet. And that was fine by me. But once I hit my forties it seemed like all I had to do was smell food and I would gain weight. I have tried every diet ever invented. They all work. Really. The problem is you have to follow them. And that is where it seems to break down for me. Because I do not like to diet. I have tried Weight Watchers, Zone, South Beach, Jenny Craig and Paleo. I have dabbled with eating vegetarian. They mostly work. But I quickly get bored and they seem to be a lot of work. Except Jenny Craig. I really like Jenny Craig; however, all the foods are frozen and processed and that is supposed to be bad for you so I’ve been staying away from her for awhile now. So I was intrigued when a new diet came across my Facebook feed. Thanks Lisa. It is called the Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott. I quickly downloaded it onto my Kindle to see if it was something I would remotely consider doing. It would have to be something very easy and not complicated because – I don’t like to cook. Left to my own devices I could cheerfully live on rotisserie chicken and steamable veggies and raisin bran. But, alas, I’ve tried that and seem to manage to gain weight on even that combination.


As you can see from the cover of Christmas’ book, the diet has seemed to work very well for her. I want this to work as well for me. Sigh.

Ok. Update. I stated writing this last night. I started the diet today. Today was not a good day to start a diet. Of course, I’m not sure any day is good to start a diet but I always start my diets on Monday. I have usually given up on the diet by Friday which gives me Saturday and Sunday to eat everything I want in order to start my new diet on Monday. I ate a pint of ice cream last night in preparation for today’s diet. Full disclosure and all that. I ordered the Kindle version of the book which is difficult. There are lists of acceptable foods and it can be hard to find what I’m looking for on the Kindle. Last night I spent some time mapping out my meals and writing everything down so it would be easy for me to grab what I needed. After that, I ordered a hard copy of the book from Amazon which should be here mid-week. When my husband asked me why I ordered two copies of the same book, I used the ole “don’t you want me to be successful” approach to spending money. Thank goodness he was tired and went to sleep. Back in the old days if I charged something it took quite a while for the statement to come which gave me plenty of time to think up good excuses. Now the order shows up on his phone. Geesh. Sorry I digress. Anyway, when I got up this morning I was supposed to eat within 45 minutes of waking up. This did not happen. I took my recovery drink to the gym for after the workout. And then the day fell apart. I missed two snacks and lunch. I’m going to a cookout tonight and I spent some time packing food before I go. According to the menu map I am supposed to have a steak tonight; however, there will be hamburgers at the cookout. I am not sure how this is going to work. I hope tomorrow goes a bit better. It is hard to eat two snacks and a meal at one sitting. This is also a very busy week. Looks like there might be quite a bit of food packing happening. My husband did ask me today why I started the diet when the hard copy of the book won’t be delivered to me until mid-week.
He thought I should wait to start the diet until after I had the book. I would try to explain to him that I must start all my diets on Monday but this might be too much for him right now after me trying to get him to understand why I needed two copies of this book to start the diet. Christmas does have rules with her diet like you must eat within the first 45 minutes of waking up. And, as with all good diets, there is nothing really good to eat on this diet. Christmas asks us to give her 21 days. She also says that if you cheat the game is all over and you much start over with the diet. I have figured out that this will probably work for me since I usually end my diets by Friday and then I can start again on Monday. There is no alcohol and no sugar allowed. My husband asked me what makes this diet different from all the other diets I have tried. Frankly I am not sure. Except I keep looking at the picture of Christmas Abbott on the cover of the book. She’s our CrossFit girl. And maybe just maybe if I can keep this up for 21 days I just might ….. nah. Best I can hope for is to lose the pounds I put on during vacation. But I’ll keep you posted just the same.

images 13